How does Banter Blitz work?

"Banter Blitz" is a show concept where master players take challenges from chess24 users and comment on the games in a live video stream while playing. Upcoming and past shows can be found on our shows page.

Can anyone challenge the banter player?

Only Premium members can challenge.

How do I challenge?

Move your mouse over the player's name below the video, or go to their profile. There you can see a button "Challenge me!". Click it and issue a challenge. You can challenge as soon as the player is online, even before the show begins.

How do I get my challenge accepted?

That's entirely up to the player. Please do not beg in the chat! This is seen as rude by the other members, because it is disturbing, and everyone deserves the same chance. It will very likely decrease your chances for a game.

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